Al Lizza , MBSY Rigger

It is about time that I formally introduce Alfred, owner of Lizza Rigging!

Rigging engineering in Manhasset

Before David James smoothly transitioned his shop, “Al” had learned the ropes as a rigger in multiple yards i.e. Cold spring Harbor Beach Club, Sagamore Yacht Club,and Oyster Bay Marine Center. As a rigger, he removes and stores sailboat masts, steps masts, tunes rigging, assesses and repairs damage to rigging, and supplies new lines.
He provides timely mast climbing in cases of immediate need. In the past, Al occasionally performed dock repairs, mooring servicing, bottom painting, and other general marina operations.

As a PADI Certified Open Water Diver, he dove on sail and motor vessels in order to clear marine growth from below water lines and to repair/replace submerged components such as propellers and zinc anodes.


After his formal education in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Al worked in an array of machinery and technical positions. His experience in CNC mills operation, CAD and multiple software such as Solidworks speaks to his problem-solving skills.

Al is a United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer, with Master 50 Gross Tons and Commercial Towing Endorsements.

This panel of skills is now available to us as we maintain our cherished vessels right here in Manhasset. Welcome, Al !

Call him (516) 305 0781. or email:

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