Behind the Scenes

Successful operations in a shipyard of course depend on good weather as well as efficient, experienced and conscientious operators. But of utmost importance is preparation and planning.
It helps when yacht owners plan their haul out and various winter works.  Nothing happens without proper maintenance management of the equipment. 

US Hoist of CALVERTON on Long Island is Manhasset Bay Shipyard’s partner of choice for its travel lift and trailer. Peter, our yard manager, again has contracted this firm for a full inspection and maintenance of out-hauling and splashing equipment. This overhaul is not taking place on our grounds but instead at their plant. Afterwards, US Hoist will use our equipment at both the New York and Atlantic City Boat shows where the MBSY logo will be prominently displayed. Good planning, Pete! Thank you.

Keep an eye on the re-assembly of the equipment beginning this spring.
Next episode: See how crane-operator Mike Cobos assisted in repowering the inboard engine of a Valiant sloop.

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